Join the SMAX App Challenge! Open to All, whether you are new to SMAX or a SMAXPERT.

With our Codeless configuration and SMAX studio, you can build apps to help your organisation in as little as 30 minutes. Come join the SMAX Challenge and have a go in one or all 3 Challenge categories:

  • Create Catalog content
  • Update an existing SMAX Studio app on Marketplace
  • Build new SMAX Studio app

New to SMAX? We got your back. We’ll guide you through the simple process. After registering for SMAXTEMBER 2022, you’ll get access to this series as part of our on-demand video content for free!*

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a SMAX system, SMAX Trial Tenants will be available for entrants.

As part of the opening keynote, we’ll walk through the submission process. Submission deadline for selection is Friday, September 23. Winners will be announced as part of the SMAX Awards and Review show on Friday, September 30.

Interested? During registration, select YES to receive access to the SMAXTEMBER portal. This will allow you to participate in our SMAX Studio App Challenge or some of the other interactive activities we have planned during the month.

*Content will be made available by September 1.