Join us for Archiving and Risk Management  Afternoon Tea Roundtable (UKI only)

Companies in highly regulated industries have needed to tighten data compliance in line with ever increasing regulatory pressures – such as industry specific regulations, sovereignty regulations, and both regional and global data privacy regulations.

In the UK, the latest challenge to data compliance has been Brexit.

Having first managed the compliance requirements for the GDPR, (and the DPA2018) the same companies are now having to re-adjust, and redefine their data strategies in line with new future regulations aimed at the UK only, whilst maintaining compliance in a global marketplace.

The challenge is – How do you remain compliant, and maintain data privacy, whilst also ensuring that data is still accessible, and manageable under a clear retention / disposition policy?


Join us for an afternoon tea, and a 90 minute discussion in the company of Matthew Bernstein, Tom Bachrach and Steve Wright. While you chow down, they’ll give you the lowdown on balancing data compliance and privacy with accessibility, even for high-risk information such as PII and National Security data


Where? Virtual

When? 9 September, 4:00 p.m. BST



Matthew Bernstein
MC Bernstein Data
Information Management Strategist
Matthew Bernstein
Matthew Bernstein led information management practices in various global financial services businesses at Deutsche Bank for more than 20 years, and now leads his own firm. He has worked at the intersection of business and technology to transform organizations and to define, develop, and operationalize information management standards and solutions.

Matthew’s last position before starting MC Bernstein was with Deutsche Bank, where he was Head of Group Information and Records Management, with global responsibility for Records Management, Archiving, and eDiscovery Operations. Prior to that he held a variety of senior business, operations, and IT roles for Deutsche Asset Management. Matthew instituted and chaired Deutsche Bank's Records Management and Archiving Committee and was a member of the Bank’s Information Security and Data committees; together with the Bank's CISO and CDO, he was responsible for information governance at Deutsche Bank, which employs more than 100,000 people in over 60 countries.

At Deutsche Asset Management, Matthew led the plan for the €150 million transformation of its portfolio-management platform, and governed the Asset and Wealth Management division’s €85 million IT budget. Among his roles at RREEF, Deutsche Bank’s €60 billion global real estate and infrastructure funds manager, he was CFO and Chief Knowledge Officer, and managed IT strategy, fund return analysis, and all fund financial and tax reporting. As Head of Asset Management for RREEF Opportunity Funds he managed relationships with third-party asset managers, and developed systems to integrate reporting for diverse investment types and locations.

Matthew holds a BA from Harvard University.

Steve Wright
Privacy Culture Limited
CEO and Partner
Steve Wright
Steve Wright is an authority on data privacy and cyber security, having worked in the industry for over 25 years. In that time, he has held the principal information, privacy and data security roles for companies such as John Lewis Partnerships, Unilever, Deloitte, PwC, Siemens and Capita. Before he decided to set up his own business, Steve held the interim position of DPO at the Bank of England.

Steve set up Privacy Culture with business Partner Victoria Guilloit to help organisations operationalise and embed their day to day privacy and security requirements. Last year saw him release his internationally recognised privacy maturity benchmarking services that is now being used by leading global organisations to benchmark themselves on privacy.

A technology enthusiast, he remains fascinated by the incredible things that can be done with data. Yet he understands only too well the risks to reputation and privacy in a world where social media, cyber security, legislation, fraud and regulatory complexities are rife.

Tom Bachrach
Micro Focus
Principal Consultant
Tom Bachrach
Tom has worked at 4 of the top global banks with 21 years of archiving experience ensuring Legal and Regulatory Compliance. Tom joined Micro Focus in 2020 to leverage his client-side perspective and has used the Digital Safe technology suite since 2000.