Modernizing Perpetual’s records management system onto the cloud.
Date & Time
Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 11:00 AM
Sally Arthur Wendy Antaw

Perpetual had an aging TRIM system with multiple integrations that was reaching end of life. Used across the enterprise this system is considered critical as it managed vital records for clients, including trust and mortgage records. Customers, such as large banks, entrust both digital and hardcopy records to Perpetual for safe keeping and the management of funding allocation. Perpetual considered transitioning the system to SharePoint but realised it was not well suited to managing and securing such vital records to the standard they required. They also realised that their organisation did not have the skills and experience required to manage and maintain the system. They sought a partner who could upgrade their system, including working with the Perpetual outsourcers, Fujitsu, and SharePoint support partner Ensyst to upgrade the integrations, and transition them to a highly secure cloud environment and manage the system as a service. iCognition was selected to undertake a ‘lift, shift and upgrade’ of the existing system to the iCognition Cloud, EDRMSaaS. Security was a prime driver and iCognition’s ability to offer an ISO27001 certified services based on IRAP certified infrastructure managed that risk.