Welcome to the Micro Focus APJ Premium Support Customer Hub

Welcome to the APJ Premium Support Hub, a dedicated area that brings together the best of our Premium Support resources. The hub highlights how our Premium Support experts provide personalized support, ensure faster time to resolution and business continuity for your business, helping you maximize the value of your Micro Focus software investment.

How Micro Focus Premium Support Fights and Prevents Fires

When you need the best possible care of your complex environment, Micro Focus Premium Support is here to help. With a team of dedicated support experts focusing on your business, our goal is to avoid downtime and ensure business continuity, by responding quickly to fires and proactively preventing them from occurring in the first place. How?

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Meet the Experts Working for You

Every organization has different requirements and Premium Support can provide access to named and dedicated support engineers for problem resolution, technical guidance and strategic support - when and where it’s needed. Hear real-life, around the globe, support-in-action stories from Jeff, Ajith, Devang, Jyoti, and Manju.

Named Support Engineer

Meet Manju, a Premium Support Named Support Engineer here at Micro Focus.

Technical Account Manager

Meet Devang, a Premium Support Technical Account Manager here at Micro Focus.


Dedicated Support Engineer

Meet Jyoti, a Premium Support Dedicated Support Engineer here at Micro Focus.

Enterprise Support Manager

Meet Jeff, a Premium Support Enterprise Support Manager here at Micro Focus.

Solution Support Engineer

Meet Ajith, a Premium Support Solution Support Engineer here at Micro Focus.

Why Pay More for Premium Support?

Micro Focus Premium Support gives you personalized assistance from our team of support experts, faster time to resolution and better business continuity, allowing you to focus on what matters the most – delivering excellent customer service. We will understand your specific software environment and define the right support plan for your applications so that you can maximize the value of your software investment. Watch the video below to find out more.

Micro Focus Flexible Credits

Flexible Credits are a great way to source extra Premium Support, Education and Training or Professional Services, when and where your organization needs them most.  View the video below to find out more.

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