Join us for our live webinar: Mainframe Modernisation -Where Are You on The Journey?

As organisations look to take advantage of greater direct interaction with their end customers through digitalisation they realise that they need to include the mainframe business applications that enable access to their core data in the plan.

At Micro Focus we understand there are many ways to modernise your mainframe applications and in this session, we will take you through a high level review of these different approaches and the value they can bring to your organisation.

Other dates and topics:

July 7th Mainframe Modernisation - Bringing DevOps To the Development Process
Aug 25th Mainframe Modernisation - Turning Monolithic Code Into Micro Services
Sept 22nd Mainframe Modernisation - Robotic Process Automation
Oct 20th Mainframe Modernisation - Deploying Into Containers
Nov 24th Mainframe Modernisation - Securing Application Access
Dec 15th Mainframe Modernisation - Moving to The Cloud
Jan 26th Mainframe Modernisation - Workflow - 3270 consolidating Screens and Data


See you there!