Join us for our live webinar: COBOL Applications: Roadmap to the Future

26 January 2021, 
15:00 to 16:00 CET

Whether developed with Net Express, Server Express or OCDS, Micro Focus COBOL applications have supported your digital transformation journey so far. But what is on the horizon – or just around the corner? Because aligning the product roadmap to long-term strategic plans makes business sense, so does attending our webinar.

Our live webinar explores how Visual COBOL is the key to future innovation. With our help you will build on strength, adding future innovation to reliable COBOL business systems with minimum change needed for Net Express, Server Express and OCDS users


This will enable OS platform support, reuse data for open systems reporting and BI, while embracing agile practices and new modernization opportunities. Highlights include:


Highlights include:

  • Run and transform – change for the future, without disrupting today
  • Enable real time, relational access to COBOL data for BI/Reporting tools


Our live demo will prove how the upgrade to Visual COBOL delivers consistency, supporting development whatever your choice of IDE. We are encouraging your Q & A’s throughout this informal session.


See you there!

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