DevSecOps Virtual Forum: Whoop! What just happened to DevSecOps?


DevSecOps Virtual Forum:
Whoop! What just happened to DevSecOps?

While most of us have wrestled with getting Security into DevOps and delivering on DevSecOps programs, with considerable success, along came a pandemic which paved our journey in a different direction. As the majority of the world became more digital than ever, the mindset on software development took a shift and not just shift left but almost shift everywhere.

In this session, Manish Gupta and Niel Pandya will share on the journey their customers are embarking on, the trends are seen, the triggers and influences and the new metrics to measure success – shifting from efficiency and security to Business Value. 

Watch the OnDemand webinar to learn: 

  • How value stream management can help you accomplish strategic business and technical objectives - A cloud-based platform to visualize and manage the flow of value in digital value streams
  • Debricked Open Source Intelligence - The addition of the cloud-native software composition analysis platform and AI/ML capabilities complements the existing Fortify application security tools to build software resilience and DevSecOps
  • Q&A and Summary

AI-powered, End-to-End VSMPlatform
Instrument, Accelerate and Orchestrate Digital Value Streams

Value Stream Management is a proven approach to improve the value, flow, and quality of software from IT to a business. VSM is a well-understood, prescriptive approach to value delivery through a multiphase workflow.

VSM requires visibility across the digital development and delivery lifecycle, focuses on the value delivered each step along the way, and seeks to maximize flow while eliminating all forms of waste.

Flow Value to the Business
Accelerate the flow of value to the business by turning an SDLC into a Digital Value Stream. This is easily done when approached pragmatically and powered by the ValueEdge VSM platform.

Flow Value to the Business - ValueEdge

Take full control of security, compliance, and health with solutions that will revolutionize the way you use open source.

  • Open source intelligence and security powered by state-of-the-art machine learning means faster, more precise results.
  • A cloud-native software composition analysis solution that developers want to use and, in turn, increases productivity.
  • A holistic approach with seamless integrations into the DevOps lifecycle to proactively manage software supply chain risks.

Debricked's SaaS solution enables more intelligent selection of open source, while drastically reducing the associated risks.

  • Find vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Community health
  • Policy Automation

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