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DevSecOps: Deliver Speed, Quality, and Security

DevSecOps at the Scale for Digital Innovation DevSecOps ensures that everyone is accountable for security, which enables security decisions to be made at the same pace as development and operations to build secure software fast. Cloud based or on-premise, Micro Focus Fortify offers security at the speed of DevOps with solutions to train developers to think about code differently and close security knowledge gaps.

Optimise Value

Plan and Govern the Application Lifecycle. Reduce operational friction by optimising value streams from request to business value with ALM Octane

Enable Continuous Quality and Security

Boost business confidence by engineering quality and security into applications with UFT, LoadRunner and Fortify solutions


Automate Deployment and Orchestrate complex application releases across toolsets and methodologies with Release Control and Deployment Automation

Increase Service

Operate, manage and automate a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Deliver intuitive Self service to business and IT with HCM and Operations Bridge

Micro Focus Fortify Recognized
as a Customers’ Choice

We’re excited to announce that Micro Focus Fortify has been recognized as a Readers’ Choice in CyberSec Asia for Application Security Testing. 

DevSecOps: Smoothing the Journey
Join Niel Pandya and Cole Cornford, CEO & Founder of Galah Cyber to learn about the valuable insight how into how they are assisting startups on their DevSecOps journey and the need for a more holistic application of security for clients operating in the broader market.

STACK 2022 - Plenary: Changed Responsibilities in Modern Software Development Environments
Hear why security champions programmes tend to fail, compliance-driven security training is a waste of time and money, and why security teams struggle and fail to integrate security tooling in release pipelines. 

AI-powered, End-to-End VSMPlatform
Instrument, Accelerate and Orchestrate Digital Value Streams.

Fortify on Demand Application Security at Scale – Fortify SaaS in Asia Pacific

Fortify on Demand Application Security at Scale – Fortify SaaS in Asia Pacific

Micro Focus is committed to our customers in the Asia Pacific region, providing Fortify on Demand SaaS offering, hosted in Singapore* and Australia (in addition to services from data centers in US and Europe) to serve our customers’ needs in this region.

*Micro Focus is Licensed by Singapore’s Cybersecurity Services Regulation Office (“CSRO”) for


Award winning solutions for your DevOps / DevSecOps journey

ALM Octane

Optimize and observe value streams with integrated planning, continuous integration, test automation, and release management.

ALM Octane Trial 


Accelerate test automation with one intelligent functional testing tool for Web, Mobile, API and enterprise apps.

UFT One Trial

LoadRunner Cloud

Cloud-based solution to easily plan, run and scale performance tests.



LoadRunner Trial

Fortify On Demand

Application security-as-a-service with security testing and vulnerability management.


Fortify On Demand Trial

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