Jump into the driver’s seat for a first-hand look at what it actually takes to prepare for race day at our Virtual Garage Tour—live from Seoul, South Korea!

Meet Team Principal, James Barclay, as he gives you a live and up-close look at the new, all-electric Jaguar I-TYPE 5 race car—the future of racing. Plus, James will take your questions live, satisfying your desire to learn more about the technological innovations that power the fastest growing global motorsport in the world — the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Watch the on demand session to experience a deeper dive into the technology used behind the wheel. 

Track 1:
Application Security

Boosting Cyber Resilience to Enable Winning Innovations while Fortifying Strategic Applications

Speaker: Yaroslav Popov, Application Security Solution Architect, Micro Focus 

Formula E is extremely technology-driven. The key elements for the Jaguar TCS Racing team, next to the driver, are the right software and data to push the boundaries of competition and innovation. CyberRes Fortify solutions secured software development, remediated critical app vulnerabilities and fortified services APIs while enabling the devops team on secure coding best practices. 

Track 2: 
Unstructured Data Analytics

Racing to Win: Using IDOL AI and Machine Learning to Gain Your Digital Competitive Advantage

Speaker: David Humphrey, CTO, Micro Focus IDOL    

Micro Focus technology plays a critical role in leveraging analytics to deliver better results. Immediately following the garage tour, listen as David Humphrey, CTO, Micro Focus IDOL discusses how IDOL can help drive transformation within your organization by providing access to key data at speed and scale, empowering time-critical decision-making. 

Track 3:
Big Data Analytics

Vertica’s High-Performance Advanced Analytics Platform Powers Jaguar TCS Racing

Speaker: Mark Whalley, Vertica Education  

Don’t take your foot off the electrons. Micro Focus Vertica helps Jaguar TCS Racing compete in the software arms race, to gain an edge on the competition. As a result of moving to Vertica for its high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning platform, the team now has data for every reading, every signal, every car, and every event.

Track 4:
Application Delivery Management

The Race to Deliver Added Value for Enterprises 

Speaker: Manish Gupta, Business Consultant, Micro Focus 

Enterprises with mature Agile and DevOps approaches continue to evolve, demanding more from their IT organizations. These enterprises are racing to improve operational efficiency, optimize, and accelerate software delivery to achieve superior business outcomes. To get on a winning track, many of these organizations are investing in value stream management. But how can it help? Join us and find out why value stream management is critical for high-performing software delivery teams to win