Digithon 1: Shift Left Testing with AI

Key Challenge

Application delivery cycles are getting shorter as businesses demands more frequent changes to cope with dynamic market changes. Customers are expecting better user experiences as form factors for application quality is also increasing.

The automation for testing is critical to provide high-quality applications in a short period of time. However, traditional test automation can only be started after the application is ready. It also often requires script maintenance for each platform. This leads to delays in testing cycle time.

Learn how AI technology provides the ability to create automated testing even before the application is ready - even it is only mock-up design. It also allows the running of a single script for multiple platforms including Windows and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. AI also drastically reduces the script maintenance time by enhancing the script resiliency.

Solutions involved

  • UFT One AI
  • ALM Octane



4 hours


Required Team Member Skills

  • UFT One cross-browser scripting
  • ALM Octane fundamental
  • ALM Octane Create Test Runner for UFT One / UFT developer
  • UFT Mobile fundamental


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