Digithon 2: Continuous Testing with API

Key Challenge

The application delivery cycle is getting shorter as businesses demand more frequent changes to cope with dynamic market changes. The customers expect better user experiences while form factor for application quality is increasing.  

Learn how automation for testing is critical to provide high-quality applications in a short period of time. However, the delays in development and testing are common due to the wait time for the dependent systems and services to be ready. 


Solutions involved

  • UFT One API,
  • Service Virtualization,
  • LoadRunner Professional



4 hours


Required Team Member Skills

  • UFT One API scripting,
  • Service Virtualization Fundamental,
  • LoadRunner Professional Fundamental


Get ready to win with these recommended preparatory modules (all Saba links are internal)

  • Saba: Functional Testing Technical Overview, Level 300
  • Saba: UFT One Technical Presentation Training 2021, Level 320
  • Saba: UFT One Technical Demo Training 2021, Level 340
  • UFT One 15.0 Digital Learning for Automation Testers with Specialist Exam
    • Module: UFTO01SP-15-5.2: Introduction to REST Services"
  • Saba: Service Virtualization Technical Presentation Training 2021, Level 320
  • V01WPT-54 - Service Virtualization 5.4 Digital Learning
    • Module: SV01SP-54-1: Introduction
    • Module: SV01SP-54-2: Creating a Virtual Service
    • Module: SV01SP-54-9: Performance Modelling