Registration Guideline

This is a technical session and a team event.



  • Form your team before registering. Registrations must be made as a team.
  • Assign a Team Leader to register for all team members.
  • Each team must have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 3 members
  • Each team should have members that have combined knowledge and experience working with one or more of the following
    • ADM / Agile Fundamentals, DevOps Fundamentals, Jenkins Basics, BDD Fundamentals, Git Basics, IntelliJ / IDE Basics, Linux Basics and familiar with java programing.
  • Each member does not need to possess all required knowledge, but it would be advantageous.
  • Team should have members filling the following roles:
    • Member 1: Test Automation Engineer (must)
    • Member 2: DevOps Engineer (must)
    • Member 3: QA/Test Lead  or Java Developer or Project Manager
  • Have the following information ready for registration
    • Team name
    • Team member role assignments, names and email addresses