Full Name
Brent Butchard
Job Title
Sales Director
Micro Focus
Speaker Bio
With more than 20 years of experience in Corporate ICT, I pride myself on a meticulous approach to delivering results for clients and my organisation by being well planned and executing with purpose and professionalism.

As the Head of Application Modernisation and Connectivity at Micro Focus, my organisation enables our clients to achieve their strategic mainframe objectives; by leveraging new platforms and technology we improve productivity and agility within the mainframe environment. We achieve application modernisation through the rehosting of applications to the optimal platform or cloud, improved test and development productivity, lower sustainment costs, and accelerate speed to market.

The key to competitive advantage is unlocking the value of your existing mainframe applications by accelerating the delivery of new capabilities, improved productivity and lowering the cost to serve while maintaining reliability. Many organisations that leverage mainframes struggle to maintain the balance between the need to deliver new and innovative capabilities at speed while maintaining cost control.
Brent Butchard