Full Name
Bob Cheong
Job Title
Solutions Architect
Speaker Bio
Bob started working with Micro Focus in 1993. He began his IT career in 1977 as a computer operator for QBE Insurance and took the traditional mainframe career path which included roles in Application and Systems Programming. Other positions include; Data Systems Team Leader at Sydney Water supporting their CICS, IMS and DB2 systems and later Senior Systems Programmer responsible for online CICS systems at Chase Manhattan Bank Australia.

Since joining Micro Focus Bob has worked on numerous projects across ANZ and Asia focussing on COBOL and Mainframe Solutions, helping customers leverage and modernise their legacy applications across Mainframe, Windows, UNIX, Linux and Cloud platforms.

Bob is not only a great fan of Sci-Fi books, movies and TV… but also the science that is making that future a reality today and for the next generation of mankind as a multi-planetary species (I stole that last bit from Elon ;-)).
Bob Cheong