Join with your team of 5 in a unique and challenging complimentary event featuring our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range today!

Thursday, 18 June 2020
1.30PM AEST | 11.30AM SGT | 9.00AM IST (4 hours)

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“CMD+CTRL Cyber Range is to software development and IT teams what flight simulators are to pilots in training.”  Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder of The Ponemon Institute

“My first hands-on hacking experience was awesome! It got me interested in learning more techniques. A cyber range is a must for anyone who wants to build skills in a fun way.” Supraja Ramakrishnan, Security Analyst, Sony Pictures

“In one word – AWESOME!” Janet Levesque, former CISO of RSA Security

Unrivalled in its authenticity, this “learning by doing approach” is proven in its efficacy to build powerful skills for all software security stakeholders – from development to deployment to operations teams. Real-time reporting makes it easy to isolate skill gaps and determine if your staff matches up against the risk modern technology stacks inherently carry.

The result: competent staff stoked about protecting the enterprise.

What is a Cyber Range?
CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges are intentionally vulnerable applications and websites that tempt players to steal money, view their boss’s salary, buy expensive items for free, and conduct other nefarious acts. Hundreds of vulnerabilities, common to most business applications, lay waiting.

For each vulnerability you find, you’ll get points added to your score and climb the live leaderboard. In this 4 hours hackathon, top scorers get prizes, but all players have fun.

Are you an (ISC)² Member?
Good news! If you are an (ISC)² Member, you will receive 4 (ISC)² CPE credit for attending this session. Please provide your (ISC)² Member ID# when registering for the Application Security Hackathon.

Why should you join the cyber range event?
The CMD+CTRL Cyber Range gives people of all skill levels a fun and engaging experience in a controlled environment. You’ll learn how to think like an attacker while hunting vulnerabilities like SQL injection, password cracking, and business logic abuse. It’s a great challenge for novices and experts alike.

Who should participate?
Anyone involved in keeping your organization’s data secure can play - from developers and managers and even CISOs

Worried you won’t know what to do?
Don’t worry. We’ll provide cheatsheets and tips to get you quickly ramped up.

Registration Closed
Registration for this event is now closed.