2022 Predictions
Continued Uncertainty Forces Attention On Relationships And Trust


As we exited 2020, we expected not a return to normal, but a return to the vestiges of normalcy. It hasn’t quite worked out that way — as the Delta variant spread and lock downs reappeared, employees who had flirted with heading back to the office found themselves joining remote meetings from home just like before. As we look forward to 2022, a theme emerges: securing relationships.

Uncertainty has accelerated reliance on each other, and gaps in third-party relationships. Collaboration, and trust will have outsized impacts on firms’ relationships with their colleagues, partners, and suppliers.

Webinar highlights:

  • Looking forward: Jinan Budge will present Forrester’s view on what enterprises need to anticipate in 2022
    • The security brain drain
    • The appointment of Chief Trust Officers
    • Security incidents resulting from issues with third parties
  • Pivot to prosper:
    • Retaining and growing talent for better resiliency
    • Shift Left leaders and their role as trust ambassadors
    • Securing the value chain
  • Panel discussion: You will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive Q&A with our panel of experts.
    • Are Security technology vendors immune to the same disruption as other industry and vendors? 
    • Is there a Security or Resilience centred culture forming within the enterprise?
    • Let's talk about Digital Trust –  What's the angle on Customer and Citizen Identity and its impact on privacy