Modernisation Journey

Customers will be at varying stages of their Digital Transformation (DX) or modernisation journey. For those with legacy core business systems, the strategy might include any, or all, of these 5 areas:

Session 1: EXTEND
Identify quick wins that optimise or build on what you already have. This session will demonstrate capabilities that include exposing existing core business functions to: digital channels, RPA, or for Test Automation purpose.

Session 2: EQUIP
Improve your software engineering tooling to enable greater productivity with COBOL or PL/I. This session will demonstrate visual code analysis capability, and the use of modern development environments such as Visual Studio and Eclipse for more effective code refactoring capabilities.

Improved your software engineering processes to enable greater business agility. This session will demonstrate DevOps patterns applied to COBOL or PL/I applications that leverage Cloud services, and Testing On Demand.

Session 4: LIBERATE
Remove platform lock-in and re-host Production COBOL or PL/I workloads for cost optimisation and a robust operating environment via Cloud capabilities. The session will demonstrate the implementation of containerisation, high availability, scale on demand, and systems interoperability.

Session 5: OPTIMISE
Attain Cloud maturity with your COBOL or PL/I workloads. This final session will demonstrate cloud native capabilities such as Blue-Green deployments, and a microservices based architecture to enable continuous modernisation.