Join the Fortify User Group! 

In this virtual event you'll have the opportunity to meet other Fortify users, learn how other customers are using Fortify. Find out the hidden tricks and tips, and hear about the latest product updates from our Fortify experts. 


Michael Snowden
Fortify AppSec Engineer, Micro Focus


  • Fortify Product update: news, releases and roadmap
  • Introduction and Deep-Dive to Custom Rules with Fortify SCA: Fortify SCA allows customers to create custom static analysis rules to discover different types of security vulnerabilities what are not yet covered by the default rules that come with the product. Despite custom rules being one of the major features of Fortify, not many customers create their own custom rules, usually due to a lack of knowledge on how to do so. With this user group meeting, I would like to take the opportunity to provide people with a primer on the several analyzers built-in to Fortify and how to write custom rules for those analyzers to look for issues or to enforce certain coding standards.

  • Technical Demo:  This will be a live demonstration of how to create custom rules for Foritfy SCA. You’ll see firsthand what the rule creation workflow and management of those rules, will look like.


Recieve a complimentary Stay-Active Kit to stay FORTIFIED: Every attendee will receive a Stay-Active Kit 

Public sector customers and public officials (including employees of government-owned or government-controlled commercial enterprises) may not participate in this hamper gift.  All participants should ensure and confirm that they are able to receive the prizes under their own policies and rules. Eligible to Australian residents.