Join the Fortify User Group! 

In this virtual event you'll have the opportunity to meet other Fortify users, learn how other customers are using Fortify. Find out the hidden tricks and tips, and hear about the latest product updates from our Fortify experts. 


Welcome and introductions

·       AppSec Industry Trends will be presented by Martin Knobloch, our Global AppSec Strategist. We are used to use static, dynamic, interactive and runtime application security tooling to increase security in software development for almost 20 years now. What have we achieved? Most definitely with the uprising of Agile, DevOps and CI/CD, how does this align with security or have we lost the cause? Are the security champions the Calvary changing the stakes or will the shift-left movement be the game-changer? 

During this short overview, we will look briefly in the past to understand how we came to the current and try to peak into the future.  This to understand the changing environment and responsibilities of development and security departments, to enable each other; measurable, scalable, accelerating to keep up with the modern time to market expectations!

·       Product Roadmap Find out about the latest news, releases, and roadmap.

·       Technical Demo: Fortify ScanCentral DAST is the replacement for WebInspect Enterprise that brings the same dynamic application scanning capabilities that you already know and love with WebInspect standalone, and brings it to Fortify SSC where all your security testers can centrally run scans and collaborate over results. If you have a need to centrally manage dynamic scan requests, containerize your scanning environment, and/or massively distribute scan loads, please some and see how Fortify ScanCentral DAST can address these problems.

·       Q&A: This is a User Group. All questions welcome!

We look forward to speaking with you!


Michael Snowden

Micro Focus
Fortify AppSec Engineer

Martin Knobloch

Micro Focus
Global AppSec Strategist


Wine or Chocolate? Why not both? In the spirit of the holidays, every attendee will receive a Christmas indulgence gift hamper.

Public sector customers and public officials (including employees of government-owned or government-controlled commercial enterprises) may not participate in this hamper gift.  All participants should ensure and confirm that they are able to receive the prizes under their own policies and rules. Eligible to Australian residents.