Use case videos on how Micro Focus solutions can help to accelerate
Digital Transformation in Government

Government: Micro Focus showcase on codeless Enterprise Service Management apps – SMAX Studio

A highlight on the ease of creating and deploying an internal self-service portal, sharing services from one department with others. Micro Focus SMAX Studio facilitates Enterprise Service Management with codeless, process-based apps creation.

Government: Micro Focus showcase on Automated Form Processing – RPA

A highlight on how software bots automate end-to-end form processing in government agencies. Micro Focus RPA reduces operational costs, errors and speed up overall organization processes with a combination of API automation and robotic automation.

Business Resiliency: Micro Focus Showcase Demo for Intelligence Everywhere – AIOps

A demonstration on AIOps with Micro Focus Operations Bridge, one of the solutions for addressing the business realities of Intelligence Everywhere – the need for Operational and Business Insights

Government: Micro Focus Showcase on Securing the Digital Workplace – Smart Cipher

A highlight on securing sensitive information files within their routine workplace. Micro Focus SmartCipher provides transparent persistent file encryption, automatically discovers, classifies and encrypts the file at endpoint.

Government: Micro Focus showcase on Protecting Live Sensitive Data – Voltage

A highlight on protecting live sensitive data from risk of revelation. Micro Focus Voltage provides fully transparent encryption - balancing the benefits and the risks associated with personal data collection, process and sharing.

Government: Micro Focus showcase on Automated Mobile App Testing – AI Test Automation

A highlight on automating mobile testing for every build across different types of mobile devices. Micro Focus UFT automates end-2-end testing to confirm the functionality and data integrity. Delivering more citizen services at pace with high quality.