In this webinar you'll have the opportunity to meet other NetIQ users, learn how other customers are using these products, find out the hidden tricks and tips, and hear about the latest product updates from our product experts.


  • Use Secure Configuration Manager to measure the configuration risk of your Active Directory Domain Controllers
  • Use Directory and Resource Administrator to:
    • Act as a secure proxy between users and AD
    • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for administrative users simply and securely
    • Move from a permission-based security model to an activity-driven security model.
    • Use orchestration and Self Service Password Reset for fast and efficient onboarding and offboarding of users.
  • Use Group Policy Administrator to:
    • Utilise revision Control group policy - including rollback.
    • Implement fine-grained control over who has the ability to make changes to Group Policy, and what they can change.
    • Analyse Group Policy to simplify, streamline, and merge.
    • Bonus: Determine whether these policies can be implemented in an Azure Cloud environment via Policy Compliance Assessor
  • Use Change Guardian to detect unauthorized changes, and notify and rollback to a known compliant state.
  • Use Privileged Account Manager to:
    • Provide the capabilities needed to identify and centrally manage privileged credentials across your AD environment
    • Implement identity-powered security controls to reduce the risk of a data breach
    • Track and monitor privileged activity to thwart breaches and support governance and compliance
    • Facilitate administrative access across your complex, hybrid AD environment
    • Effectively manage the access of those users or things who have the ability to do the most harm – both maliciously or accidentally
  • Q&A. Get all your questions answered by the experts!


  • Dean Nicholls, Micro Focus, Security Presales Consultant
  • Micky Rathod, Micro Focus Security Presales Consultant
  • Marcus Vogt, Micro Focus Customer Success Manager