Join us for the Canberra Content Manager User Group

Welcome to the Canberra Content Manager  User Group.

We invite you to join the next Canberra User Group meeting, which will be held as an in person event held at the National Museum. 








Anita Grzeszkiewicz


General Update

Brandon Voight (Micro Focus)


Modernisation of CM – Q&A session
Your views on new features you would like to see in the new Web Client as we transition to a more web-based and in-place managed records keeping process.

Abdullah Noman (Micro Focus)


CM10.2 Pre-Release Demo/Roadmap

Abdullah Noman (Micro Focus)


Morning Tea



Content Manager Cloud case study

Karl De Wet, Runi Nielsen Candido (Micro Focus)


Data Discovery and Analysis
Some of us have a lot of data that fall under the broader category of “records” but may not have the same classification and security as traditional records – which means they exist as unknowns, pose greater risk, and are unable to contribute value in the same manner as known, classified and secure records. While in-place managed records is great for creators of content, they are potentially untapped for consumers of content.

This session will look at solutions Micro Focus have to extend Content Manager’s records management profile to that of a wider secure content management system in accordance with Privacy and Security regulations.

Abdullah Noman (Micro Focus)


Q&A and Close


Join the Canberra User Group to:

  • Share your thoughts directly with the Micro Focus team on ideas to improve functionality, thereby influencing future software development
  • Engage with like-minded peers to hear their experiences, tips and tricks and share best-practices
  • Hear from our partners on latest developments, add-ons and additional services
  • Be the first to know of latest news from Micro Focus; such as latest releases and executive visits from worldwide who can meet with your organisation
  • Give back to the community and raise your profile by participating in the Micro Focus Customer Engagement Program (eg. Speaking at events, being a customer reference, enjoying direct links with our executive team etc)

We look forward to seeing you there!