2021 IM&G Webinar Series is back.

Join us for this webinar series as we explore solutions for data compliance, privacy, and security. You’ll hear from Micro Focus experts and our trusted partners on a broad range of topics, aimed at providing you with regular updates throughout the year. The first three webinars are listed below.

You can register for as many webinars as you would like to attend. If you can’t make it to one of the live sessions, register anyway and we’ll send you the on-demand link.

“After overwhelming feedback and attendance from last year’s webinar series, for the 2021 webinar series my team and I have taken great care to select the latest topics to assist you in maximizing outcomes for your data governance, compliance and data privacy requirements. Please invest some time to attend these webinars, I’m sure you will walk away with many ideas and insights.“ - Brandon Voight, ANZ Information Management & Governance Leader

Select the webinar session from the table below to register your place. We look forward to connect with you.

Thursday, 22 July 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Abdullah Noman,  Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus
Marc Class, 

This webinar is the third in our 3 part series of technical webinars on in-place management and governance of unstructured content across multiple repositories. In this webinar we will look at File Analysis Suite and the role of File Analysis in information management.
-              Key features of File Analysis Suite – Data Discovery
-              Management of sensitive data and capture of records against Content Manager
-              Roadmap plans for in-place management for Content Manager
This webinar will be delivered primarily in a technical demonstration format.

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Thursday, 5 August 2021 | 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Carl Duncan, General Manager, Wyldlynx
Sarah Eddy, Principal Information Specialist, Wyldlynx 

 See how the WyldLynx team have successfully helped organisations;
• Understand the information problems
• Assess their process and understand their information sprawl
• Implement a solution that allows flexibility to their governance needs for SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive
• Reduce additional costs for 3rd party tools and get a better return on investment on Content Manager/ SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive
• Maintaining governance around important documents by managing them in Content Manager while exposing to SharePoint.

Thursday, 2 September 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Rameez MeeraSahib,Global CTO for Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Micro Focus 

 More and more companies are adopting a hybrid IT approach for meeting their customer demands. This approach creates both opportunities and challenges for information and content management teams. The traditional approached to information management is no longer suitable to meet business needs. It is time to modernize your information management systems. It does not mean you have to rip and replace your existing systems. Have you thought about an alternative approach that is cost-effective and transformative at the same time? Register for this webinar to learn the best practices and a proven methodology to modernize your information management system using Micro Focus Content Manager 10. 

Thursday, 16 September 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Matthew Buchanan,Regional Director Intelligent Data Layer , Micro Focus 

 A session led by Matthew Buchanan with 30 years experience in information management to focus on two specific areas.
1. Seven real world issues and challenges in finding, managing and processing information within large and small enterprises for complex information requests.
2. Creating a solution to search, locate and process information to support both the organisation in doing your normal jobs and the regulatory requests made of you. 

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Thursday, 30 September 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Cassandra Bisset, Encompaas

 With rapidly changing digital workplaces, how can federated information governance better support the “traditionalists” and the “digital natives” in your organisation? In this session we will look at how you can leverage new technology, capabilities and governance approaches to improve productivity, deliver a better user experience for all staff and safely manage information across your expanding digital workplace. 

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Thursday, 21 October 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Karl Melrose and Harrison Stott, Information Proficiency

 Information Proficiency, information management specialists, have created an integration to Content Manager with Secured Signing. This new integration brings digital signatures to Micro Focus Content Manager allowing you to send, sign and store documents without ever leaving Content Manager.
Experience the benefits of integrating Secured Signing within the Content Manager system:
• Using Secured Signing’s advanced personalised PKI Digital Signature technology is more secure than a plain electronic signature.
• Shift to a paperless document signing process to drive efficiencies.
• Never chase up an internal or external signers a for a signature again with paper-free, digital signing software!
• Reduce print and courier costs, along with carbon emissions. Perfect for Records Managers, IT and Business Improvement teams looking to make digital signing and records management more seamless.