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2021 IM&G Webinar Series

Thursday, 30 September 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Cassandra Bisset, Encompaas

With rapidly changing digital workplaces, how can federated information governance better support the “traditionalists” and the “digital natives” in your organisation? In this session we will look at how you can leverage new technology, capabilities and governance approaches to improve productivity, deliver a better user experience for all staff and safely manage information across your expanding digital workplace. 

Thursday, 21 October 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Karl Melrose and Harrison Stott, Information Proficiency

Information Proficiency, information management specialists, have created an integration to Content Manager with Secured Signing. This new integration brings digital signatures to Micro Focus Content Manager allowing you to send, sign and store documents without ever leaving Content Manager.
Experience the benefits of integrating Secured Signing within the Content Manager system:
• Using Secured Signing’s advanced personalised PKI Digital Signature technology is more secure than a plain electronic signature.
• Shift to a paperless document signing process to drive efficiencies.
• Never chase up an internal or external signers a for a signature again with paper-free, digital signing software!
• Reduce print and courier costs, along with carbon emissions. Perfect for Records Managers, IT and Business Improvement teams looking to make digital signing and records management more seamless.

Past Webinars

2021 IM&G Webinar Series

Modernising Information Management Systems for Hybrid IT: Best Practices and Methodology

Rameez Meera Sahib, Global CTO for Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Micro Focus 

More and more companies are adopting a hybrid IT approach for meeting their customer demands. This approach creates both opportunities and challenges for information and content management teams. The traditional approached to information management is no longer suitable to meet business needs. It is time to modernize your information management systems. It does not mean you have to rip and replace your existing systems. Have you thought about an alternative approach that is cost-effective and transformative at the same time? Register for this webinar to learn the best practices and a proven methodology to modernize your information management system using Micro Focus Content Manager 10. 

Managing Multi System Whole of Organisation Queries

Matthew Buchanan,Regional Director Intelligent Data Layer , Micro Focus 

A session led by Matthew Buchanan with 30 years experience in information management to focus on two specific areas.
1. Seven real world issues and challenges in finding, managing and processing information within large and small enterprises for complex information requests.
2. Creating a solution to search, locate and process information to support both the organisation in doing your normal jobs and the regulatory requests made of you. 

Governance, Risk & Privacy Management for Content Manager

Abdullah Noman,  Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus
Marc Class, 

This webinar is the third in our 3 part series of technical webinars on in-place management and governance of unstructured content across multiple repositories. In this webinar we will look at File Analysis Suite and the role of File Analysis in information management.
-              Key features of File Analysis Suite – Data Discovery
-              Management of sensitive data and capture of records against Content Manager
-              Roadmap plans for in-place management for Content Manager
This webinar will be delivered primarily in a technical demonstration format.

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Microsoft 365 and managing information with Content Manager

Carl Duncan, General Manager, Wyldlynx
Sarah Eddy, Principal Information Specialist, Wyldlynx 

 See how the WyldLynx team have successfully helped organisations;
• Understand the information problems
• Assess their process and understand their information sprawl
• Implement a solution that allows flexibility to their governance needs for SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive
• Reduce additional costs for 3rd party tools and get a better return on investment on Content Manager/ SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive
• Maintaining governance around important documents by managing them in Content Manager while exposing to SharePoint.

Content Manager and O365 – using Content Manager to manage records in place in SharePoint

Abdullah Noman, Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus

This webinar is the second of our 3 part series of technical webinars on in-place management and governance of unstructured content across multiple repositories.

In this webinar we will look at Content Manager and the native SharePoint Compliance and Governance App.
- Key features of the integration
- Automated In-Place Management of SharePoint content
- Configuration and Mapping of SharePoint to Content Manager This webinar will be delivered primarily in a technical demonstration format.

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Dashboards and Automated Reporting for Content Manager

Daniel Dawson, CEO, FYB

Dashboards and Automated Reporting for Content Manager.

Learn how the FYB Reportilize assists organisations with the creation and maintenance of statistical dashboards for Micro Focus’ Content Manager to help track and measure your key performance indicators.

Join FYB as they demonstrate how this BI solution provides on demand access to important statistical data and reduces the time users spend manually creating reports.

Data governance, risk and privacy management

Abdullah Noman, Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus

This webinar is the first of a 3 part series of technical webinars on in-place management and governance of unstructured content across multiple repositories. In this webinar we will look at ControlPoint and the role of File Analysis in information management.

  • Primary focus areas of ControlPoint – key features of the technology
  • Classification and sensitive data discovery using grammars – understanding categorization of information
  • In-place management of legacy content – configuration and execution of policies

This webinar will be delivered primarily in a technical demonstration format.

Content Manager (TRIM) User Adoption

Mayank Gandhi, Head - New Premium Support and Education - APJ 
Srivalli Konda, Manager – Content Development, WW Education

Content Manager adoption remains a challenge in many organisations. Join this webinar to see how we enable staff to use Content Manager and other integrated applications effectively. In this session we will focus on some of the advantages of Adoption Readiness Tool  to ehnance our customers’ organisational effectiveness to create engaging digital learning content for training and  on-boarding. ART enables you to rapidly generate learning content in various formats. Attend this session to receive a special offer to get your organisation started with Education on CM.

Empower Content Manager users with inMailX

Florin Boiangiu, Director - Digitus Information Systems (inMailX by Digitus)

Achieving effective email management and information governance compliance, which is transparent and easy to adopt by all users, is an ongoing challenge for many organisations.  inMailX was specifically designed to address these challenges from both the end user and business perspective, so that email and records management policies and procedures can be easily enforced and adopted.

Join this webinar to discover how inMailX empowers Content Manager users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing their emails, and enables users to access and work with Content Manager from their familiar Microsoft Outlook interface.

The webinar will provide you with answers on how you can use inMailX to deliver:

  1. Effective emails management and information governance
  2. Enhanced Content Manager user experience and adoption
  3. Streamlined workflows and simplified processes
  4. Reduced Content Manager user training requirements

By empowering your users with inMailX and Content Manager, you will be able to align their skills more closely with your business objectives.

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Managing records in-place with Content Manager and Microsoft 365

Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal & Director, iCognition

 There has been much discussion about managing records in-place, and huge interest in using Microsoft 365 to apply manage-in-place records management. This seminar will address the pros and cons of managing records in place, and where traditional EDRMS’, such as Content Manager, fit in.

We will discuss manage-in-place issues, such as a records’ context, classification and sentencing, and show how Content Manager can be set up to facilitate and overcome these issues.

We will demonstrate how Content Manager can complement innovative Microsoft technologies and platforms to provide an enterprise-wide ‘compliance authority’ for managing-in-place. This approach leverages the best functions and innovations in the Microsoft platform and Content Manager to provide:

• auto identification and classification of records using a centralised hierarchical classification authority managed by Content Manager;
• retention management and disposal governed by Content Manager’s disposal authorities, and
• security classification driven by Content Manager.

This is a centrally driven governance approach through which records managers see and manage records across multiple systems to facilitate consistent and strategic records management, while end users continue to access and use the records in the context of their business activities.

2020 Modern Information Management Summit

The Modern Information Management Summit is a free annual event hosted virtually, by our Channel Partner Miktysh, which brings together records & information management professionals and organisations across Australia. Hear from leading Micro Focus Presales Consultant Abdullah Noman on Analytics Driven Governance. As part of the event you will have access to a range of presentations and panel discussions with industry leaders and organisations presenting records & information management solutions they have implemented successfully.  You will also be able to meet with industry leaders and organisations through our virtual expo.

Australia's GDPR and Consumer Data Right Webinar

Join us to learn how GDPR requests are impacting Australian organisations and what solutions are available to quickly  find, protect and secure sensitive high-value data.

2020 IM&G Webinars Series