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DevSecOps accelerates your business success in the new normal
Digital disruption, rising customer expectations, and continuing work-at-home guidelines make the need to secure DevOps processes more critical than ever. Secure DevOps—that is, DevSecOps—makes security central from development through to operations. According to the latest IDC DevSecOps study, about 40 percent of Asia Pacific leaders say they have united DevOps teams and are now adding security to the mix. Efficient software development is their highest priority.

Join Micro Focus Realize 2021 to:

  • Explore your organization’s DevSecOps, activities, plans, challenges, and process.
  • Learn industry best practices through local use cases to get moving at every stage of the DevSecOps game.
  • Launch a transformational journey to create greater value from longstanding IT investments, on or off the application modernization

What to Expect

Quality content delivered Micro Focus executives, product experts, customers and trusted partners.


Discover how organisations have adapted, reacted, or thrived through 2020 and beyond with their DevSecOps journey. Micro Focus executive show you how running your business today while transforming it at the same time takes an Economic View compete in the digital economy.


Industry focused sessions on best practices for Application Delivery, Cyber Resilience, IT Operations Management, and Application Modernization and Connectivity. Tools and use cases sharing to Stay Ahead of the competition.

Key Speakers