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Micro Focus Realize 2021 Plenary

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Keith Chan, General Manager,
Micro Focus Greater China

Win in New Normal Economy
Stephen McNulty, President APJ,
Micro Focus

DevSecOps Accelerates
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Jessica Zeng, Micro Focus

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Because applications are key to success for digitized businesses in competitive markets, modern development techniques—high speed sprints, open source components, offshore development and increased automation—focus on improving time-to-market.  Security is often a neglected component due to operation efficiency and education reasons.  Also with the release of the HKMA CRAF 2.0 in 2020, it is ever important to establish a secure SDLC framework. In this session we'll discuss how Fortify can help organizations to stay on top of threats and achieve application security at scale for both custom code and open source components.

Virginia Lee
We would like to share the use case and benefits of a customer who implemented the full suites of integrated ITOM solutions in their new datacentre project recently.  In addition, they lay down an excellent path to adopt AIOps to strengthen their operation efficiency with embedded big data and machine learning technology.
Eric Chan
Your customers’ expectation that your software works well on any platform and device is fueling the rapid pace of change that drives faster and earlier application testing. Micro Focus enables continuous testing at scale with artificial intelligence-powered functional test automation solutions. We’ll explore how new capabilities enable smarter testing by pinpointing where to test, optimizing your tests, and automating the process, for everyone in the software delivery team.
Edwin Chung

Government and
other industry

At the beginning of enterprise transformation, it is generally considered to improve the efficiency of employees by developing better software systems. However, from the perspective of process transformation, the system development has also reached a critical point. In order to find a breakthrough, Robotic Process Automation is a new direction that enterprise can join for transformation. Micro Focus Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows organizations to create, manage and execute any number of computer “bots” to mimic the actions of a human to simplify and scale repetitive, error prone, or overly complicated business transactions. Join us to welcome the new robo workers to freeing up human employees to do higher-value work!
Edwin Chung
Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) provides the identity foundation that powers today’s most important security initiatives, including Zero Trust, Digital Transformation, and Cyber Resilience. With a comprehensive IGA program, you'll have the critical capabilities and identity services to bridge data and product silos and adapt at the speed of change.
Eddy Chiu
AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) can and should be transformative in enabling more effective decision-making, data sharing, and analytics-driven automation. We will showcases our solutions to the Gov and other industries to discover the features matching the right tool to your needs. 
Eric Chan

Application Modernization and Connectivity


The Micro Focus and AMC approach allows you to continue to leverage the mainframe core, strategic applications and accelerate digital transformation with an effective modernisation journey aligned with your business imperatives.

Micro Focus 技術顧問 - Anson Liu


Steven Lee, General Manager
Hong Kong and Taiwan, Micro Focus