Future Proof Your COBOL Business Applications

In an ever changing IT world with new pressure to digitize corporate IT, developers need new ways of understanding and upgrading established COBOL systems.

 Visual COBOL® provides following:

  • COBOL development and integration tools – in your choice of Visual Studio or Eclipse – that offer programmers an unrivaled development experience.
  • Helps your AppDev teams work better together and deliver new functionality faster to your business users.
  • New code slicing capabilities enabling developers to visually extract, refactor and build re-usable COBOL APIs for rapid deployment across the enterprise.
  • Reduce application complexity within monolithic systems and expose key business rules as REST APIs and deploy to the Cloud.
  • It supports Ubuntu and CentOS Linux distributions.
  • Deployment to industry-standard frameworks such as Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon AWS, and integrated support for the Microsoft Azure SDK. 


Join us on the webinar “Future Proof Your COBOL Business Applications” for a closer look at the next generation of COBOL technology supporting today’s modern developer with Visual COBOL.  


Date: 14th April 2021 | Time: 03:30 PM IST



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