Embedding Continuous Quality in your Application and Digital Transformation Journey

With the spotlight on digital transformation projects globally and in India, there is an added impetus on enterprises to ensure reliability, availability, agility and security of their application landscape. Necessary interventions must be taken to embed the concept of "Continuous Quality" in the ways in which applications are developed, deployed, and ultimately leveraged

An IDC Survey of 109 enterprises in India in 2020 revealed that 57% organizations in the country are slated to integrate Continuous Testing and/or Continuous Security in more than 50% of their projects in the next 18 months. This is significant as organizations face issues due to legacy systems, poor software quality issues (that may result in financial and reputational damages), and technical debt that has especially accumulated in the wake of the pandemic in the last 12 months.

We would like to welcome you to attend an IDC analyst moderated roundtable conversation on June 22, 2021, 9.30 am – 11 am, on the Value of Continuous Quality and how can this help organizations in their application and digital transformation journeys

A broader agenda is enlisted below:

  • What are some important considerations for your organization when planning a new application or service? How prominently does quality figure in this consideration set?
  • What are some top challenges stemming from software quality issues that your organization is facing? How are you currently tackling these issues? Have you adopted any application testing tools?
  • What are your perspectives on the adoption of agile and continuous testing approaches in your CI/CD programs?
  • What are your views and priorities for leveraging emerging technologies such as automation and AI/ML in continuous quality processes and tools?

We believe that the insights gathered from this conversation will benefit you and your peers immensely in your application and digital transformation journey.

Look forward to your participation in the roundtable discussion.

Date: 22 June 2021 | Time: 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM


Sandeep Sharma | Research Manager, IDC Asia Pacific

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