Technology Horoscope 2022

Micro Focus LoadRunner SaaS Solutions Earn Top Leader Position

UFT One 2021 is Now Available

Micro Focus is proud to announce the release of Micro Focus UFT One 2021, designed to help test automation engineers gain broader insight into quality faster than ever before. Here are the top ten new features and enhancements that you’ll see in the product.

The release of UFT One 2021 is here! See how our latest update helps testers gain broader insight into quality faster than ever before in this #AppDev blog post:

World Quality Report 2021-22

A lot has changed in quality assurance (QA) this year. Find out today’s trends and get recommendations for tomorrow’s challenges in the 2021-22 World Quality Report. This year’s report highlights rising priorities, such as the customer experience, QA adopting Agile and DevOps practices, the effect of evolving pandemic-impacted requirements for applications across new deployment methods, and the continued growth of AI in continuous testing and quality management tools.