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Webinar Series

Elevate the Dexterity in Smart Service Management

Webinar: Power Your Business with Speed, Agility, Security and Insights

Webinar: The Shift to Performance Engineering

Webinar: How AI is Revolutionizing Software Test Automation

Data volumes and requirements are exploding, weighing down IT and forcing organizations to rethink point solution strategies. Micro Focus' modular software portfolio helps you control data; lessen the burden on IT; and mitigate risk of fines, sanctions, and lost market credibility.

Join us In this webinar, to hear from experts in Micro Focus and Quality Kiosk who will share insights on the trends shaping performance engineering and how to ensure performance anywhere in the development lifecycle.

Join this live webinar, as Pankaj Sayal, Senior Presales Manager, share how Micro Focus leverages Artificial Intelligence to deliver major advances in functional testing.

Securing Digital Assets and Identities in a Dynamically
Changing IT Environment

A Day in the Life of an AppSec Developer "Build Secure Software Fast"

Modernize Host Applications with time-proven technology from Micro Focus

Join us for a session on how DXC and Micro Focus are helping insurance tech evangelists to build a robust enterprise by transforming legacy businesses to digitally transformed sector

Join us for this webinar to find out more :                  A day in the life of a developer with AppSec using Fortify, Key integrations with the developer toolchain, More speed and accuracy with automation , Faster remediation of security vulnerabilities

Invite for Live webinar on Reflection The most Adaptable & Secure Host Connectivity Solution on 23rd March

Continuous Quality with Micro Focus ALM Octane

Future Proof Your COBOL Business Applications

A Day in the life of an  AppSec Developer

Join Abhijit Kadam, Senior Technical Consultant, ADM, to see how ALM Octane helps organizations implement a “quality everywhere” approach, improve Agile/DevOps development, and ensure that quality practices support immediate activities in software development, from ideation to deployment.

Join us on the webinar “Future Proof Your COBOL Business Applications” for a closer look at the next generation of COBOL technology supporting today’s modern developer with Visual COBOL

Micro Focus invites you to join the webinar on "Build Secure Software Fast" on April 16, 2021 from 03.30 PM IST with expert Presenter - Mr. Madhav Vadlamani, Pre-Sales Consultant Fortify Suite of Solutions.

Embedding Continuous Quality in your Application and Digital Transformation Journey

We would like to welcome you to attend an IDC analyst moderated roundtable conversation on April 23, 2021, 10 am – 11 am, on the Value of Continuous Quality and how can this help organizations in their application and digital transformation journeys.

Performance Engineering 2.0

The digital economy is powered by software innovation. New business models are relying on a connected ecosystem of software services, often delivered through the cloud.

QualityKiosk, in association with Micro Focus, invites you to a virtual conference.