Whether by design or circumstance, the future of cloud computing for the average enterprise is a mix of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. Enterprises need to optimize cost and manage capacities across multiple cloud types. It’s also time we offloaded repetitive error-prone, time-consuming, high-volume, and rules-based tasks to robots.

In this 75 minutes session, discover how Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) provides a single point of control for orchestrated hybrid, multi-cloud provisioning, governance, and cost management. You will also learn how you can further enhance the experience of the cloud user, increase automation in the cloud – and how our SaaS solutions make moving to the cloud easy, with a variety of product portfolios.

Once your organization has a cloud first policy in place, how should you plan for your workload management securely and cost-effectively? With technology lock-in concerns and regulations driving towards multi-cloud, how ready are you to migrate workloads to more cost-effective platforms without re-designing your security needs?

Join us as we provide insights into the capabilities that enable a multi-cloud without comprising security or user experience.


Satyavathi Divadari
CyberRes Cloud CTO,
Micro Focus

Niel Pandya
CTO & Business Development Lead, CyberRes APJ,
Micro Focus

Pui Kay Mok
Cloud and Automation Practice Lead APJ, Micro Focus

Priyanka Srivastava
ITOM Business Development Manager, SEAK & India,
Micro Focus