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Improved application quality and security by introducing Fortify on Demand as a key part of DevSecOps framework

  • Increased focus on application quality rather than managing infrastructure
  • Consolidated scan reports support priority management and budgeting Dashboard reporting improves collaboration and management communication
  • DevSecOps process streamlined by flexible SaaS model

Micro Focus SMAX supports process alignment in merger while improving TCO, and reducing issue resolution time by 50%

  • Reduced issue resolution time by 50%
  • Introduced new engagement channels for increased user satisfaction
  • Agile migration from legacy solution within 6 weeks
  • Reduced ticket volumes
  • Improved TCO

Financial institution delivers high-quality customer-focused apps and streamlines mobile testing with Micro Focus UFT Mobile and UFT One

  • Increased test automation frees up test engineers to focus on more value-add activities
  • Improved test coverage with cross-platform and multi-device test automation
    Supported digital transformation by optimization of mobile apps
  • Enabled event simulation for various network conditions and GPS locations
  • Introduced integration with open source software
  • Benefited from effective collaboration between Avattar and Micro Focus

Micro Focus supports Quality Center of Excellence, delivering 80% reduction in test execution time and faster time-to-market.

  • 80% reduction in test execution time
  • Introduction of Quality Center of Excellence (QCoE)
  • Prepared for DevOps and SaaS model introductions
  • Greatly accelerated new software release times as a result of centralized and automated testing management and shorter regression times

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