Enabling End-to-End Digital Transformation

The rules of business – and public sector – are being rewritten nearly every day as a combination of technology advancements, evolving customer expectations, process enhancements (e.g. digitization), and new business models are forcing executives to rethink their IT strategies. Digital Transformation (DX) is an enterprise imperative that presents an opportunity to meet these changing requirements and to leverage technology for providing differentiated and compelling experiences or outcomes.

This white paper draws from specific insights pulled from IDC’s proprietary research based on interviews and surveys of IT and business decision makers to help you learn more about what is behind the Digital Transformation trend and why it’s a hot topic in boardrooms around the world.

Read this IDC white paper to:

  • View IDC’s definition of a DX platform, the four core pillars of DX, and the IT & business benefits of each
  • Learn more about why IDC clients are viewing DX as an urgent requirement
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of how modernization strategies can support your initiatives and lead to “smart DX”

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