Day 1: Wednesday, 25 August

10:00am AEST | IM&G Forum Plenary

IM&G Forum Welcome Address


The most significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on enterprises has been the widescale move from office-based to home working, which has necessitated large-scale changes in how they manage both their workforces and the content they work with.

Enterprises that are still use legacy systems may have managed to survive the pandemic thus far, but they are putting their future success at risk. The organizations that continue to use legacy systems that are not optimized for flexible deployment, that can adapt to rapidly evolving circumstances, and are not capable of providing enhanced security features to manage large numbers of remote workers put their data and their organization at risk.

Omdia Research recently produced their report Omdia Universe: Selecting a Content Services Platform Solution, 2021–22 at the height of the pandemic. This presentation will present some of the findings of the report.

It will include:

  • The current state of the content services market
  • Issues and challenges faced by enterprises, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Considerations that enterprises need to bear in mind when selecting a content services platform
  • Some of the key capabilities that enterprises should look for in a content services platform
  • Key findings and takeaways from the report
Sue Clarke

10:45am AEST | Innovations for the next normal


Hear about latest developments on the Information Management & Governance solutions from Micro Focus.

Brandon Voight

11:00am AEST | IM&G Customer Awards 2021

Learn how the council were the first customer to by-pass on-premise EDRMS solutions and went directly to the secure cloud
Claudio Becerra
Hear how Water NSW integrated MS Teams and Content Manager to successfully manage their documents and records whilst meeting compliance obligations.
Jo Smith

The organization was looking for an easy and secure method of exposing large policy and process documents to stakeholders who were external to the orgnaization’s network. Learn how City Parklands transformed their document management approach with Sharepoint Online with an integration with Content Manager to easily share content and create a secure portal for external shareholders.

Heather Mitchell

Griffith University was facing challenges with information sprawl coming from their Office 365 apps – Teams, Sharepoint, Exchange and Onedrive. Learn how they gained control and governance of their information by implementing Office 365RMBOT, an Office 365 to Content Manager microservice that harnesses the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Automate platform with Content Manager.

Camille Furniss

Many government agencies grapple with increased cyberthreats, and increased expectations around flexible work. The two most important assets for any organisation are its people and its data, and these are both becoming increasing separated. NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office securely modernised the capturing, finding and management of it’s highly-sensitive and protected information - in the cloud - whilst meeting compliance obligations with the Content Manager Select solution.

David Schneider Michael Antonios Sally Last

Perpetual had an aging TRIM system with multiple integrations that was reaching end of life. Used across the enterprise this system is considered critical as it managed vital records for clients, including trust and mortgage records. Customers, such as large banks, entrust both digital and hardcopy records to Perpetual for safe keeping and the management of funding allocation. Perpetual considered transitioning the system to SharePoint but realised it was not well suited to managing and securing such vital records to the standard they required. They also realised that their organisation did not have the skills and experience required to manage and maintain the system. They sought a partner who could upgrade their system, including working with the Perpetual outsourcers, Fujitsu, and SharePoint support partner Ensyst to upgrade the integrations, and transition them to a highly secure cloud environment and manage the system as a service. iCognition was selected to undertake a ‘lift, shift and upgrade’ of the existing system to the iCognition Cloud, EDRMSaaS. Security was a prime driver and iCognition’s ability to offer an ISO27001 certified services based on IRAP certified infrastructure managed that risk.

Sally Arthur Wendy Antaw

12:00pm AEST | IM&G Forum Community Activity


Celebrate 34 years of IM&G Forum with us in this virtual community segment. Even though we are not meeting physically, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to get to know each other, build our network or have fun. We have invited the renowned team from SongDivision to take charge of this important community building activity. It will be a fast-paced, music-fuelled experience featuring musicians who have toured and recorded with acts like Jimmy Barnes, Aerosmith, Sia, Drake, Guns N Roses, Katy Perry and so much more! Get dressed to impressed in your Rock Star Best, because you will be an interactive session like no other - there will be games, there will be guest performances, and you will even have a chance to work with world-class recording artists on the live creation of a completely original IM&G Forum anthem! No musical experience is required, just an open mind, a working webcam, decent WiFi, some rockstar props and accessories, a beverage of your choosing, and a ‘YES’ mentality! *Make sure to have the Zoom app downloaded and ready to join this interactive session.

Song Division

1:00pm AEST | Day 1 Forum Close

Day 2: Thursday, 26 August

10:00am AEST | IM&G Forum Plenary

IM&G Forum Welcome Address


Over the last 5 years, InfoGovANZ has been tracking the development and trends in Information Governance by surveying practitioners in this region. The keynote will cover:

  • Analysis of the highlights from the IG Industry Report for 2021
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Information Governance
  • Changes revealed in IG over the past 5 years
  • Predictions based on trends as information risks and opportunities continue to rapidly evolve around the world
Susan Bennett

10:25am AEST | IM&G Customer Case Studies


Join Citadel IX as they share how they helped 3 successful organisations - CSIRO, Brisbane City and Campbell City Councils - to navigate through the different stages of they secure cloud journey.


This case study presentation will demonstrate how the City of Kingston deployed EzeScan intelligent capture technology to automatically capture, identify, register and action online forms. With native integration with Micro Focus Content Manager, EzeScan has assisted the records team in automatically processing all incoming electronic correspondence. Operators no longer have to manually name, store and action incoming correspondence.

Chris Vincent Jason Blair

Learn from iCognition customers, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions NSW and Rous County Council, how these two quite different organisations are addressing key information management principles, including valuing information as an asset, securing information, meeting compliance and privacy obligations, and enhancing productivity and efficiencies. ODPP are addressing it through a principle-based strategic plan that establishes a strong governance framework from which they can develop their information architecture that includes Content Manager, while Rous went from a bespoke underutilised system to an enterprise rollout of Content Manager/RM Solutions system to achieve strategic fit to meet key principles.


Hear how the Port Authority implemented an organisation-wide consolidation of four different versions of content management solutions to achieve a “single source of truth” and eliminated duplicated efforts. Employees now have managed access to business records and in accordance with government regulations.

Katherine Hanley

11:30am AEST | Ask the Experts Panel


We have brought the Micro Focus IM&G Experts back again this year to answer all your hot questions. The team representing Products and R&D, will be ready to provide insights to the why, the what and the whatever you need to know about the solutions from Micro Focus.
Joining Helen Barnes and Abdullah Noman on the panel are:

  • Tony Falzarano - Senior Developer, IM&G R&D
  • Hari Nagareddy - Test Engineer, IM&G R&D
  • Paul Libauer - IM&G R&D
  • David Churchland - IM&G R&D
  • Wineya Wijesinghe - Senior Software Engineer, IM&G R&D
  • Jarl Lindrud - Senior Software Engineer, IM&G R&D
Helen Barnes Abdullah NOMAN

12:30pm AEST | IM&G Forum Community Activity Finale


Don't miss the finale of the Forum as we reveal the IM&G Forum song anthem!

Song Division

1:00pm AEST | Day 2 Forum Close