Twenty Things: The New - The why would you live without & the stuff that you never knew existed 

Its common knowledge that Micro Focus uses its own tools to develop its own tools; Now think about that for a second - But then also couple it with the shared experience that we have with our customers and their own delivery of applications.

Waterfall - Agile - DevOps - Whether in normal or what we now call new normal times, best practice always comes from experience, and nobody has that without scars; but learning from failure is what we as an industry do to push innovation.

So of course, somethings work and of course somethings don’t – but when you draw on that huge wealth of experience, innovation prevails. When things work, let’s make them better – When they don’t let’s work out why, and let’s find a solution

Amongst these and many others, we wanted to share just twenty things across our whole portfolio that helped shape ours, the industry and of course our customers thinking to develop quality applications.