Responding to the new normal

Enterprise-level Security Operations Centers (SOC) often spend valuable time resolving incidents that involve co-ordinating with varius teams, solutions and external sources.

To manage this challenge, providing SOC analysts with the ability to enrich, validate and act upon information from a centralised monitoring console is key. But how do you arm your analysts with the best possible means of identifying, prioritising and responding to security threats in today’s ever-changing landscape?

Join our team of SecOps experts on Thursday 2nd July at 09:30am for this informative and interactive special interest group to find out. We will explore what the ‘new normal’ is, the challenges and impact that it’s having on our customers in both the public and private sector, and most importantly how to address the ever-evolving challenges of today’s digital environment.

We’ll cover:

  • Yesterday’s and today’s challenges
  • The new normal and what we’re seeing and hearing
  • How to cultivate synergy between people, processes and technology
  • Information overload and how to deal with it
  • Top tips from our experts


Speakers: Petr Hnevkovsky & Markus Muessig, Security Operations International Practice Leads, Micro Focus

Rob Brewer, UK&I Security Operations pre-sales consultant, Micro Focus