Fortify on Demand

Application Security at Scale – Fortify SaaS now in Singapore

Micro Focus is committed to our customers in the Asia region, which is why we are pleased to announce an expansion of our Fortify on Demand SaaS offering, to be hosted in Singapore (in addition to the current services from US, Europe, and Australia data centers) to serve our customers’ needs in this region.

You can now test or scale your applications with our industry-leading Fortify suite of static, dynamic, and mobile application and security testing technologies—with ease and confidence, all on demand.

Start your DevSecOps journey
Troubled over lack of AppSec skills in your team? Don’t worry, our AppSec experts are ready to help you get started. With the Fortify on Demand SaaS offering you and your team will have access to our specialists and support staff to guide you through the actionable insights from the scans. 

If you’re new to application security, here’s a
simple glossary of terms to help you get familiar with the subject.

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Start your free 15-day trial of Fortify on Demand now. Launch your application security initiative in a day and enjoy all the features of Fortify on Demand with no infrastructure investments or security staff required.

Here are some testimonials from our customers in their DevSecOps journey with us.

作为全球先进的软件解决方案供应商,Micro Focus 致力于为您提供新鲜的前沿技术,成功的应用案例,优质的服务能力。凭借简单、开放、智能的产品和解决方案,助您成就业务的黄金时代。智胜数字经济,驱动未来实现,新型 IT 从这里启程!