Welcome to Micro Focus Realize 2020

Thank you for making Micro Focus Realize 2020 a wonderful success. Recordings of the sessions are now available for you on-demand so that you could have access to this incredible content.

Virtual Realize On-Demand content is invaluable to all roles—from business executives to technical users (and everyone in between). Please join us and take a deep dive into your area of interest and explore other solutions to address a range of business challenges for your company. 

Welcome Address Peter Fuller, Managing Director, Micro Focus
IDC Keynote: Returning to the Next Normal: Strategic IT Priorities for Australia - Linus Lai, Vice President, Software and Services, IDC Asia/Pacific
Resilience Through Digital Transformation - Stephen McNulty, President APJ, Micro Focus
Customer Highlights

Content Targeted at Your Success

Quality content delivered by industry analysts, Micro Focus executives, product experts, customers and trusted partners.

Learn about the latest innovations and proven best practices for addressing the market shifts of Agile and DevOps. The sessions are specifically designed for you to hear from customers and experts about their experiences in gaining a competitive edge as they accelerate application delivery and ensure quality at every stage of the application lifecycle.

  • ADM Keynote: Application Delivery - Turning Uncertainty into a Catalyst for Change - Raffi Margaliot & Walid Hbeika
    With the profound changes impacting application delivery teams today, it is time to rethink established ways of working and embrace change in how we plan, build, test and deliver products at pace. The world is moving even more digital, which places further strain on teams working in distributed environments. Join Raffi Margaliot to learn about key impacts, what his team has learned in a time of uncertainty, and how recent Micro Focus innovations can help you change for the better.
  • Getting Ready for Melbourne Cup with Performance Testing - Pranay Agarwal & Nik Pinchuk, PointsBet
  • Flexible and Efficient Application Delivery Management: Optimise and Scale your Existing Investment - Matt Cudworth, DXC Technology
  • Autonomous Operations and the Virtualized Workforce - Sergio Banguero, Schlumberger
  • Integrating Engineering and Test Automation Practices - Simon Miller, Australian Securities Exchange

ADM Clinics:

  • AI in Testing
    The Third Wave of Automation - To make testing smarter, more effective, and more efficient, organizations are adopting artificial intelligence-based tooling and processes
  • Performance Testing in the Continuous Everything World
    Performance Engineering and Performance Testing for the Developer
  • Agile Delivery in the World of Things!
    As the physical and virtual worlds become closer together, more and more objects are connected to the internet to enhance the end-user experience and to provide greater insight into the decisions that support the modern business. Learn how Micro Focus ALM is helping organizations drive agile transformation through Agile Quality Management.

Big Data Clinics:

  • Vertica - Modern Big Data Platform that empower Advanced Analytics, Data Science & Machine Learning at scale
    This session will cover a Vertica overview with a focus on IoT and Machine Learning & related use-cases.
  • IDOL – AI Fact Extraction to generate data for customer conversations using NLP technology
    We will be discussing - and demonstrating live – how to extract facts from millions of unstructured documents to power conversations with your internal and external customers, enabling query of all your information using Natural Language.

Unlock business value through Information Governance. Micro Focus portfolio of data governance software helps organisations have a firm grip on enterprise information, reduce the compliance burden imposed on IT teams and mitigate regulatory and reputational risks.The sessions are specifically designed for you to hear from customers and experts about their experiences.

  • IM&G Keynote: Managing Content in a Topsy-Turvy World - David Gould
  • Navigating Information Chaos in a Modern e-Court- Dr. Jones Lukose, International Criminal Court
  • Cloud Enable Recordkeeping - Gerard Calilhanna, Office of Sport
  • Digital Transformation powered by Content Manager - May Robertson, The University of Sydney
  • Implementing Content Manager and CM Web Client - Marisa Severino, George's River Council
  • The Information​ Management Challenge - Richard Mitchell, Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
  • IM&G Executive Panel "Records Management during Covid-19" 
  • CM Locations Management - Chris Vincent, Kingston City Council
  • Journey to a Modern Workplace - Anand Kundu,Territory Generation 
  • ABCC's Journey to EDRMS Success:Opening Pandora's Box - Adele Witcombe, Australian Building and Construction Commission
  • Digital Transformation - Planning Objection Submission Processing - Alistair Bourrilhon, Bayside City Council
  • Ask the Expert R&D Panel

IM&G Clinics:

  • Collaboration and Data Discovery
  • Discover and secure personal and sensitive data in your databases
  • Highlights of the upcoming Content Manager 10 release

Hybrid IT Management

Every company is a now a software company, as organizations compete using digital services to provide better customer experiences and outcomes. But the complexity of hybrid IT can compromise the ability of IT Operations to deliver on transformation goals. Join Tom Goguen to learn how to simplify hybrid complexity using principles from IT4IT. Benefit from our lessons learned in delivering and managing enterprise software and SaaS services.

Make your customers life easier with a simpler way to request IT and non-IT services with the click of a mouse button. Automate traditional IT Service Management, Enterprise Service Management and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure services from a single platform.

Joe Mihaljevic
John Kilkenny

IT and business landscapes become more complex with on-premise, cloud, SaaS and containerised solutions, keeping the lights on is harder than ever. Learn how to reduce the time to detect IT issues and then automatically correct the root cause with minimal impact to your users.

Ranjit Dnyaneshwar Pisal
Steven Yao

You might not know it, but your IT automation skills are transferrable to solving pure business problems.
Learn how your skills around infrastructure automation and reporting can deliver faster business outcomes.

Ramanandh Sankaralingam
John Kilkenny

Big Data Analytics

This session will cover a Vertica overview with a focus on IoT and Machine Learning & related use-cases.

We will be discussing - and demonstrating live – how to extract facts from millions of unstructured documents to power conversations with your internal and external customers, enabling query of all your information using Natural Language.

Vinay Joseph, Matt Buchanan

Cyber Security

The constantly evolving cyber security landscape is presenting new challenges for cyber security leaders. With the pace of change due to the economic fluctuations, globalization of the threat landscape and digital and cloud transformations, leaders are hard pressed to keep the cyber risk posture of the organization at an acceptable level. Listen as our Security, Risk and Governance GM, John Delk, provides an overview of these challenges and how leaders have had to evolve their approach to meet this new and agile landscape

We will be discussing - and demonstrating live - how to run various Fortify products, such as Fortify SCA and SSC, in a containerized environment for some unique deployments including integration with a CI/CD system with Jenkins.

Discover how Machine Learning can enable User and Entity Behavioral Analytics SIEM and empower the security teams to find and respond to known and unknown threats before it’s too late.

In this interactive session we will explore the Building blocks of the journey to an Identity-Centric, Zero Trust Security Model using Micro Focus Identity Governance Administration (IGA) Capabilities

Big Data Analytics

This session will cover a Vertica overview with a focus on IoT and Machine Learning & related use-cases.

We will be discussing - and demonstrating live – how to extract facts from millions of unstructured documents to power conversations with your internal and external customers, enabling query of all your information using Natural Language.

Vinay Joseph, Matt Buchanan

Mainframe Application Modernisation

Micro Focus modernisation is a transformation journey that bridges existing and new to create new value from longstanding IT investments, on or off the mainframe. It reuses apps and data in new ways, such as leveraging cloud or containers to deliver game-changing innovation, faster. Hear from Neil Fowler, global leader of the Micro Focus AM&C portfolio on our point of view to drive customer success, and the strategic direction of the business.


Micro Focus has introduced a number of key features to enable you to build a system that can deliver the same Reliability, Availability, Serviceability and Performance characteristics as the mainframe. In this session we'll show you how we can rehost your mainframe applications to the Cloud with scaling flexibility and maintain the same quality of service.

Micro Focus AMC solutions enables users of both mainframe and distributed legacy applications to refactor their existing applications to take advantage of the modern cloud infrastructure. Learn how without leaving the IDE, the developer can extract key functionality from an existing application, test and deploy it to the wider enterprise or world with Kubernetes, Docker, Java or .NET Core.

In today’s COVID-19 world we must “adapt to survive”, retaining access to the corporate infrastructure you need to do your job, wherever, whenever and via whatever device you have available - such a mobile phone or your family’s shared laptop is imperative. Learn how you can not only access your mainframe without any local software installed, using the latest TLS protocols but also securely with a multi factor authentication single sign-on to ensure you are who you say you are!

Information Management & Governance Forum

With the world coping to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the changing nature of work and lifestyle – even prior to the pandemic, the growing challenges of identifying and then protecting personal information and, above all, the ability to determine truth from fiction, the need for strong content management has never been more important. From this swirling information management storm is a growing need to identify, classify and preserve information in more ways than ever before. The good news is that is that we have the automation solution designed to meet all of these information management challenges – its called Content Manager from Micro Focus. Our discussion today will reinforce CM’s global role in helping enterprise – commercial and government – meet the challenges of managing information in an unprecedented time.

The judicial information domain has never been so chaotic; causing massive challenges for judicial organisations but there are unique opportunities to be harvested too. The manner in which judicial organizations manage their information is just as crucial as how they prosecute, defend and run a trial. Today’s modern courtrooms have their processes re-imagined around their most valuable asset, information. This is a double-edged sword that brings both opportunities and challenges. There are many judicial organisations that are hampered by avalanches of information, paralysing processes and devaluing information management practitioners. This discussion proceeds in the form of a story of an information management practitioner running, falling down and waking up and running some more as he navigates the chaotic judicial domain. It inspires practitioners in this field to rethink their roles, re-imagine the future and prepare themselves.



In 2019 Territory Generation initiated an ICT Optimization Program with the intention of better leveraging their investment in Microsoft Office 365 and other existing technology platforms – Content Manager was one of them. INFORMOTION was engaged by Territory Generation to design and build an intranet-based modern workplace utilising LiveTiles, M365 and Content Manager. This session looks at the journey so far.

This case study presentation will demonstrate how Bayside City Council deployed EzeScan intelligent capture technology to automatically identify, capture, redact and register online planning objections submitted via the council web site. With native integration with Micro Focus Content Manager, EzeScan has further assisted the planning team in automatically processing all other building and planning correspondence. Operators no longer have to manually name, store and action incoming correspondence.

Discuss some of your technical questions with the Content Manager development team.

David Churchlalnd, Helen Barnes, Rory Kleeman, Hari Nagareddy

Filr: Secure, collaborative, remote access to your existing files
This session will show how Micro Focus Filr can rapidly deliver secure, collaborative, remote access to your existing file system, where you remain in total control.  With an easy same-day setup, there is no risky, expensive, data migration to the cloud, nor do you need to reapply access controls.  We will discuss what Filr is, how it works and include a client demonstration.
Introduction to Data Discovery from the File Analysis Suite
Find out about the new SaaS product from Micro Focus, Data Discovery on the File Analysis Suite SaaS platform. It provides file analysis, tagging, analytics, and personal data discovery across mission-critical unstructured repositories including NT file shares, Exchange, Office365, SharePoint/SharePoint Online and Micro Focus Content Manager. Jason will provide a short introduction and demonstration of the main product features


Companies around the world are now obligated to secure their data as data breaches become a norm and too many citizen data has been exposed. Australian Privacy Act, GDPR in Europe and other privacy laws in several other countries have defined strict compliance rules to protect citizen data. Come and learn how SDM can help you not only discover sensitive data in your databases but also protect it in your production databases, your data warehouses and data lakes, your test and development databases. Anywhere you may not suspect you have it.

Presentation and demonstration of the new and enhanced functionality included in the upcoming Content Manager release.