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How it works


This assessment will take about 15 minutes. There are 12 questions in total to access your SOC capabilities. The Definition Table below defines each capabilities.


You will be required to select your focus and priority areas for each capability, and rate them against three metrics:  

  • Business Relevance i.e. how relevant is this for your business?
  • Effectiveness i.e. how effectively is your organization dealing with this?
  • Pain i.e. how much of a pain point is this for your organization?


What you can expect after completing this survey: you will receive a report showing a heatmap of your SOC capabilities, allowing you to gain preliminary insights into your SOC maturity.


You will also qualify for the opportunity to receive a complimentary health check*, worth ~USD12k! 

*Terms and conditions apply

Definition Table



Scope of Monitoring

Breadth and depth of your log monitoring and management –

is it compliance, security of data, what are your data sources, motivation for log management etc.

Clean/Normalized Data Availability

Do your systems need normalized or clean data in order for log collection to be effective for you?

Query & Analytics Language

What are your needs to query the data and perform analytics?

Search Speed

The speed with which search results are displayed – directly proportional to analyst job satisfaction & ROI through recovered investigation time.


What is the capability needed to provide meaningful insights to derive immediate results with minimal analyst interaction?

Career Progression

The ability to retain hard-to-find InfoSec Analysts, Content Developers and Hunters by providing them a career progression plan through a mature Intelligent SecOps environment. E.g. L1 moves to L2, further to L3, then to L4. New hires join L1, in a continuous loop. Where are your SOC Analysts currently?

Incident Response

What is your current capability for Incident response?

Behaviour Analysis

At what level is your current capability for Behaviour Analysis?

Depth of Correlation

The maturity of the correlation engine that can manage advanced security use cases -the crucial starting points to identifying potential attacks a company can potentially face.

Alert Quality & Optimization

The level of high-fidelity alerts –with less false positives- produced from the correlation engine.

Threat Detection

The current ability to identify cyber-threats in order to provide detection/alerting/protection for the digital enterprise.

Threat Feed Integration

The ability to integrate (consume/feed) a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) to help organizations aggregate, correlate, and analyze threat data from multiple sources in real time to support defensive actions – from this would you like to block or alert on threats.

Terms and conditions: 

  • In order for Micro Focus to conduct a complimentary health check, the prospective customer must first meet all pre-qualification requirements.
  • Limited to 30 organizations.    
  • Not exchangeable for other services.
  • Terms & conditions subjected to change at the discretion of Micro Focus.