Lars Rossen

Chief Technology Officer 

Lars Rossen is a Fellow and the Group CTO for Micro Focus. In this role he drives the overall Micro Focus technology and integration strategy as well as driving the implementation of the Digital Factory for Micro Focus, in the spirit of Drinking our own champagne. Lars created the first version of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture which formed the basis for the standard in The Open Group, and Lars continues to be the lead architect for the IT4IT initiative. This forms a foundation for delivering an open and composable digital factory based on value stream thinking. This is the unifying theme for the Micro Focus product portfolios.

Before joining Micro Focus, Lars worked for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO organization. Lars also worked in the Software portfolio architecture and strategy team and has had many leading roles in defining and progressing the current IT management solution portfolio. Before his current IT4IT role, Lars was part of the core team that defined HPE's CloudSystem strategy and associated solution portfolio. This included creating the innovative Hybrid Cloud Management product suite.

Prior to joining the portfolio strategy office, Lars headed up HPE’s Operational Support System practice for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He played an important role in linking the vision of eTOM, NGOSS, and ITIL into practical solutions through HP’s Integrated Service Management blueprint.

Lars was a researcher at the University of Denmark in the area of formal methods for computing before becoming CTO at Netman, a telecoms ISV and Consultancy Company. HP acquired Netman in 2004 and structured it into an operation support systems expertise centre.

Lars holds an MS in engineering, an executive MBA with focus on technology management, and a PhD in computer science from the technical University of Denmark.

Mark Conway

Director, Office of the CTO

Mark has had held various Engineering & Consultancy Roles at Micro Focus over 2 periods of tenure. He assisted with strategy and due diligence during Micro Focus’s initial acquisition spree in mid-2000s, and subsequently led engineering of the Borland subsidiary 2010-14. During Micro Focus’s acquisition of the Attachmate Group, he moved into Chief Technologist role and chaired the Product Security Council. Mark is now responsible for Technical Collaboration across Micro Focus’s broad portfolio. He has a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University.

Ian Simmons

Vice President & General Manager UKI