Improving your Infrastructure Security Posture with Orchestration

By attending this webinar you will learn

  • How to improve patch management practices to better protect your IT infrastructure against security threats
  • Why patching tools alone are not sufficient to effectively manage the patching lifecycle in our complex, high velocity world
  • How you can orchestrate the patch management lifecycle by integrating systems and tools, and automating pre-and
    post-patch actions
  • How an orchestration solution can be extended to other security and business use cases


  • The Challenges of End-To-End Patch Management
  • Orchestration for Patch Management
  • Extending Orchestration Use Cases
  • Q&A We want to hear from you! Please bring in your question


James Nash

Micro Focus
Solution Architect

John Kilkenny

Micro Focus
Solution Architect

We look forward to speaking with you!