Discover your DevSecOps Reality. Take the Test.

Adopting new technologies requires IT teams to evaluate their current challenges, be honest about organizational readiness, and align technologies with needs.

This assessment is designed to help you with that. It takes about 10 minutes, with 9 questions in total.


You will be required to rate each capability against two key metrics:

  • Business Relevance
    How relevant is this to your business? Will it help achieve business goals?
  • Pain
    In your organization, how challenging is the implementation or running of this process or area?


What you can expect after completing this survey: You will receive your complimentary DevSecOps IT Maturity Report to gain preliminary insights into your organizational maturity. You will also qualify for the opportunity to receive a complimentary IT health check*


*Terms and conditions apply

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Terms and conditions:

  • In order for Micro Focus to conduct a complimentary health check, the prospective customer must first meet all pre-qualification requirements.
  • Limited to 30 organizations.
  • Not exchangeable for other services.
  • Terms & conditions subjected to change at the discretion of Micro Focus.