It is exciting when knowledge gaining gets rewarding as well. Join us at Technology Horoscope 2023 & win cool gadgets by sharing with your professional network.

Social Media contest

  • Attend Event, Share Post, invite professional network, garner reactions, comments & drive thought leadership by having colleagues join the event, earn point to reach highest in tally to win
  • Give Away: 6 Samsung earbuds (3 for virtual session & 3 for in person session), 4 Noise Smart Watches(2 for virtual session & 2 for in person session). Grand Prize– Apple AirPods #2 (1 for virtual session & 1 for in person session)

Last Man Standing

  • Attend Technology Horoscope 2023 from the start till end. Be present at the time of the contest and stand a chance to win.
  • Give Away: 4 Smart watches(2 for virtual session & 2 for in person session)  & 4 earbuds (2 for virtual session & 2 for in person session)  

*India resident only. Maximum one win per person for duration of the event. Terms & Conditions Apply.