Micro Focus is pleased to announce that we will be in Baku in June for an end-to-end application security event, with demos and presentations throughout the day.  

Please join us for this half-day event to learn about:

  • How to secure your applications and protect your business
  • How to jumpstart your security journey in a single day and scale as your needs grow.

We bring clarity to problems and provide solutions with our Fortify application security portfolio, which offers:

  • Best-in-class speed, scalability, integration, and automation
  • The most complete and accurate results
  • The industry’s only single-vendor solution for all your AppSec needs
  • The ability to start securing your apps in a single day
  • Measureable ROI and improved time to market

Please complete the registration form by June to get your event off to the best possible start. Questions, please contact event organizer medaru.iulia@microfocus.com