Special Interest Groups

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Application, Modernization and Connectivity

Connected development in the disconnected world

In this session we explore how Micro Focus exploits and enhances the latest IDEs so you can get the best out of existing COBOL assets..

Application Delivery

Twenty Things: The New - The why would you live without & the stuff that you never knew existed

It's common knowledge that Micro Focus uses it's own tools to develop it's own tools; Now think about that for a second...

Hybrid IT Monitoring

Addressing IT Operations 4 Core Challenges

Join our special interest group examining how you can measure your business service health in a hybrid environment... 

Next Generation SOC

Responding to the new normal

Enterprise-level Security Operations Centers (SOC) often spend valuable time resolving incidents that involve co-ordinating with varius teams, solutions and external sources....

End User Productivity in the Enterprise  

Shifting focus in shifting times

Today’s users need access to data anywhere, from any device. They need simple ways to self-serve and communicate...

Special Interest Groups

Application Modenization and Connectivity

Enabling secure access and delivery

Terminal emulation is still the primary method for users to access the applications running on Mainframe, mid-range, Unix and Unisys systems...