This webinar series explored solutions for software release and delivery, performance engineering and testing. Throughout this series we heard from Micro Focus experts on a broad range of topics, aimed at providing you with regular updates through the remainder of the year. 


If you were unable to join us for our live sessions, check the ADM channel for on-demand videos.

Past DevOps Winter Webinar Series: 


Ray Ffrench, Consultant, Micro Focus

Can your performance testing team able to leverage new technologies? Do you need to accelerate your performance testing across your agile worldIs your performance testing team changing with the times?

Many people have invested in performance testing tools, but to keep up to date with changing needs from a DevOps world, we want a new tool.  Join this session to understand how LoadRunner (Enterprise/Professional and Cloud) can work with new technologies like Docker and Kubernetes and even JMeter which are now on the landscape.

You will learn more on the following:

  • Roadmap: recent updates to the LoadRunner family roadmap along with roadmaps going forward. See how the investment in LoadRunner will serve you well as your development lifecycle changes.
  • Tighter integration: Implement continuous performance testing by integrating performance tests into the CI/CD process.
  • Proactive Performance Strategy: Adopt a proactive performance quality strategy by making performance an explicit requirement and creating test cases to verify performance goals are met and satisfy user expectations.
  • Feedback: Establish a feedback loop by leveraging performance information from production and real users.


Ray Ffrench, Consultant, Micro Focus

Is your performance testing team changing with the times?

To make performance testing relevant in a DevOps world, we explore how the performance testing landscape has changed and how the new and existing tolling will need to change to work with the CI/CD and faster R&D development pace.  Some of the current perceived challenges include:

Tough to accommodate faster cycle
• Script maintenance is time-consuming and hard to pinpoint performance bottlenecks quickly

Growing Complexity
• Difficult to emulate and validate end-user performance across multiple user interfaces, and against the system under test that uses many technologies and services

Lack of Collaboration
• Individual teams use their own set of tools and as a result, the teams are unable to share information seamlessly and leverage the assets across teams.

How will you as the older performance CoE work with the ever-changing world of DevOps as it pushes more testing to the developers and how will they create a performance test that we can leverage and use in sprint after sprint releases.  Providing tools to the developer within their IDE is the way forward and allow the COE to leverage the same technology.



Ray Ffrench, Consultant, Micro Focus

It’s no secret that people, process, and technology are key elements to a successful digital transformation. Organisations are getting agile by implementing Continuous Delivery, DevOps practices, and improved IT processes. However, when it comes to Agility without compromising quality, most organizations continue to struggle. 


You will learn:

  • How Octane is helping enterprise organizations drive agile transformation through Agile Quality Management;
  • Tips for Quality Management at Scale with frameworks such as SAFe;
  • Insights on the latest trends on agile quality management;
  • Tips on simplifying end-to-end functional testing with one intelligent solution that builds and automates tests for enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities.


John Davison, Consultant, Micro Focus

The pace of business is driving I.T. towards unprecedented speed and expectations, especially with respect to the delivery of the software required to support core initiatives. The physical and virtual worlds are becoming closer together, as more and more objects become connected to the internet, enhancing the end-user experience and providing greater insight into the decisions that support the modern business.
Please join this webinar and experience a whole new way to manage quality and learn how the ALM QoT client can help you conduct testing both online and offline on a portable device.

Ever imagined that you could accelerate your software delivery with a shift-left functional test automation solution designed for continuous testing and integration that enables easy test creation using IDE, language, and testing frameworks of choice even if it’s Selenium.

This webinar, hosted by MicroFocus portrays how we empower DevTesters and Automation Engineers with a view of testing earlier, whilst improving code quality; build upon existing or create new robust and reusable Selenium tests within minutes; run multiple tests in parallel on physical, virtual, or dockerized environments; eliminate testing bottlenecks with embedded services simulations; maintain consistency of testing models with object identification tools, and rapidly identify reasons for test failure with detailed reports on test execution flow.

Do you need to accelerate your development and testing for mobile applications across? Do you need to accelerate your development and testing for mobile applications across platforms? Would you like to easily manage device availability and allocation when it comes to mobile automation? Do you feel you need to eliminate bottlenecks with mobile simulation? Do you feel you need to eliminate Physical device dependencies?

We do not want you to miss the bus that keeps your customers involved across omni-channels, so as to look into ways of fast-tracking omni-channel deployments to enhance their end-user experience, improve their conversions, and help realize maximum market potential.

This, in turn, necessitates the need for testing across multiple channels to help test, secure, and observe applications across multiple devices, channels, and interfaces.

This webinar explores end-to-end lab and management gateway of distributed real mobile devices and emulators that help teams develop, debug, test, monitor, and optimize their omnichannel mobile applications to promote an enhanced user experience across all digital touchpoints.

To make testing smarter, more effective, and more efficient, organizations are adopting artificial intelligence-based tooling and processes.

The current perceived challenges include:
• High Maintenance - Maintaining tests costs and accessing environments are problematic (Too much time and effort);
• Assets resiliency - Difficulty keeping pace with change;
• Users skill barrier - Tough to build and keep the right skills.

Resulting in Low Automation (~20%) & High Maintenance (50%)

How will we as testers leverage AI to verify these ever-growing code suites? And what will happen as AI works its way into our production applications?  AI will change testing—and AI will change test automation as well.

This webinar shared tips around simplifying end-to-end functional testing with one intelligent solution that builds and automates tests for enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities.