Digital Challenges in the Public Sector

The Public Sector faces an increasing expectation that it can rapidly deploy digital services with a user experience comparable to private enterprises.

Agencies must ensure citizen information is protected whilst using underlying systems that can be years, or even decades, out of date.

Delivering compelling new services requires the ability to balance responsiveness with good governance, minimise technical debt and leverage capabilities that already exist within heritage application environments.

Omdia’s research, coupled with interviews with senior executives, has highlighted common challenges across the breadth of the public sector and identified recommendations CxOs can use to address them.

Download the full Omdia research report to learn more about the recommendations for public sector agencies to deal with their underlying technical challenges:

  • Use a value-based and risk-based lens approach to communicate the trade-offs in technology investment decisions. 
  • Progressively use SaaS, where appropriate, to minimise future technical debt. 
  • Adopt and promote a standardised platform-function PaaS architecture to speed up the delivery of new capabilities. 
  • Build a managed API environment that incorporates appropriate governance to ensure newer solutions can leverage existing heritage functionality.
  • Understand the profile of legacy applications and appropriately mitigate associated risks.
  • Embed sustainment funding within project budgets.
  • Leverage AIOps to maximise scarce skilled resources. 
  • Leverage AIOps to maximise scarce skilled resources. 

Download the report now: