Building Business Resilience with ESM

Our volatile business environment is challenging support teams worldwide. Remote work trends. High expectations for responsiveness. Seamless access to both IT and business services. All these things complicate service delivery. And—as our digital dependence grows, the resilience of our systems grows in importance, too.

Watch on demand to learn how ESM makes it possible to rapidly identify issues and dispatch the right teams to fix them—even in complex environments. With our guest speaker, Forrester Principial Analyst Charles Betz, we’ll discuss:
•    How ESM is centrally positioned to support the knowledge worker.
•    How to build resilience and future-proof your enterprise with ESM.
•    How digital organisations can continue to adapt and keep their systems available. 

Deliver Cloud resources to end users faster with Self Service

  • Using your Service Management for provisioning hybrid cloud environments 
    -  Provision a VM/DB service in hybrid cloud through self service
  • Log a self service ticket via chatbots or Microsoft Teams to request:

            o A new IaaS/PaaS instance
            o A new PC  
            o HR system access  

  • Customer story: How Zurich Airport is reducing MTTR by integrating monitoring and alarm systems with Service Management solution?

Go Digital with RPA & Codeless Apps

Case study – Fire Eye: Extending Service desk capability with RPA

  • How business users can create codeless apps in the Service desk without help from IT:
    o Office Visitor Management
    o Store Audit App
    o Return to Work after COVID lockdown
    o Emergency Self Report App
  • How to manage investments, software licenses, contracts, and other assets for better decision making and cost reduction

Deliver Omni channel experience for users with AI driven Self Service 

  • How Diebold Nixdorf is leveraging Self Service Portal to capture IT and non-IT requests?
  • Make your customers or employees life easier with a simpler way to request IT, HR and business services with the click of a button from a Self-Service Portal or Mobile App.
  • Empowering users to self-resolve with natural language search, conversational virtual agents and social collaboration to keep ticket volumes low