The SRG Value and Maturity Model Proficiency Training advanced workshop enables sellers to effectively discover, qualify and propose Micro Focus solutions through a business value lens based on maturity models, the latest Micro Focus sales methodology and metrics based on value briefs and the Micro Focus value analysis tool.


This interactive workshop experience promotes a deep understanding of customers’ security challenges in terms of the impact on their business (cost, risk, efficiency) and where they really are (as well as where they see themselves) in terms of the maturity model for each of the SRG solution areas.


Participants engage in expert-led discussion and role plays through all offerings of the SRG portfolio based on a case study approach to promote active learning and application of the portfolio.  Participants are challenged to meet multiple buyer and influencer roles through each stage of the sales cycle while learning in an environment of coaching and support. 


This course also includes foundational selling skills to help participants effectively present, ask good open-ended questions, handle objections, and close deals.


The instructors are industry experts who have experience across SRG and other technologies.

Join us to become proficient at working with customers, positioning and selling business value in the SRG space today!


A more detailed agenda will be made availible here shortly.